Social Psychology 305 / 305G
(5143 / 6111)

University of Canberra, 2/2005

James Neill
Last updated:
20 Jul 2005




  • The purpose of this course is introduce students to the main academic topics, issues, and research methods in social psychology.
  • The methodology of this course is to engage in a variety of classic and contemporary applied social psychology topics through lectures and readings, with extended exploration of some specific social psychological issues in tutorials via group exercises, video documentaries, and related discussion.
  • Lectures (13 x 2hrs) cover  the social self, attributions, relationships, groups, leadership, aggression, prejudice, social influence, intergroup relations, attitudes, cross-cultural psychology, and environmental psychology.
  • Tutorials (10 x 2 hrs) engage students in icebreaker group activities, communication and relationship skills, group problem-solving activities, discussion of genocide, prejudice, the Australian zeitgeist, social constructionism, gender and society, and cross-cultural training.
  • Assessment consists of a final exam (short-answer & multiple choice), a final exam, and student engagement and contribution in tutorials.