Sample Exam Questions for "Relationships"

Last updated:
04 Nov 2005


  1. What types of intimate relationships are there?
  2. What practical strategies would you recommend to a couple experiencing conflict?

Multiple choice

Max and Harry are participating in a demonstration of the Prisoner's Dilemma. This means that :

a. Max's outcome is determined entirely by Harry's responses, and vice versa for Harry
b. Max's outcome is determined entirely by his own responses, and likewise for Harry
c. Max's outcome is determined by his own responses and also by Harry's responses, and vice versa for Harry
d. unknown to them both, outcomes are decided by a fixed-interval schedule
e. none of the above

Dilemma games used to study cooperation have been criticised for:

a. being too complicated for people to play
b. lacking external validity
c. reducing intergroup behaviour to the level of the individual
d. both a and b
e. both b and c

According to equity theory, a relationship between two people will be deemed fair and reasonable if:

a. the rule of distributive justice prevails
b. the ratio of inputs to outputs is the same for each person
c. the resources given to each person is in proportion to their contribution
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

According to equity theory, a common reaction by persons who perceive they've received a lesser outcome than they deserve in a relationship is:
a. to increase their contributions to the relationship
b. to decrease their contributions to the relationship
c. to seek smaller outcomes in the relationship
d. the examine their own outcomes without paying attention to the partner's outcomes

Overall, studies of kibbutz children or children who spend their days in childcare because their parents are at work, have clearly shown that:

a. disruption of contact with both parents is severely damaging
b. social development can be normal provided there is close contact with other humans
c. mothers play a more crucial role than fathers in a child’s progress
d. such children show a somewhat higher rate of emotional disturbance than children only cared for by their parent(s)
e. none of the above

Harlow's work on maternal deprivation in young monkeys showed that a critical factor in maintaining attachment to a surrogate mother was :

a. the surrogate’s homely face
b. the surrogate’s lactating nipple
c. the surrogate’s soft outer covering
d. having plenty of bananas in the cage
e. the surrogate’s wire frame

Alissa lives just two houses away from you. Which of the following factors could increase your liking for her?

a. it takes little effort to interact with her
b. over time, Alissa becomes more familiar
c. you expect to see her quite often in the future
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

According to Hatfield and Walster (1981), companionate love :

a. combines feelings of friendly affection and deep attachment
b. is less long lasting than romantic love
c. accompanies a decline in a person’s sex hormones
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

According to the gain-loss hypothesis :

a. we always hurt the ones we love
b. familiarity breeds contempt
c. we like most a person who first likes us but later dislikes us
d. we like most a person who first dislikes us but later likes us
e. we like most a person who first likes us and continues to like us

In Sternberg's (1988) model of love, to have passion and commitment but no intimacy is referred to as :

a. empty love
b. consummate love
c. companionate love
d. fatuous love
e. infatuation

One of the following is NOT an indicator that a relationship might end:

a. a lack of commitment
b. an expectation that the partnership will fail
c. having lived together for a long time
d. alternative partners are available
e. seeing a new life as a viable solution

According to Duck (1988), when partners break up they will look for way of reconstructing the life and death of the relationship to make it socially acceptable. This activity is referred to as :

a. grave dressing
b. voice behaviour
c. shared stress coping
d. exit behaviour
e. none of the above

In the reinforcement-affect model of attraction:

a. a reinforcer must be linked to a stimulus for any change to occur
b. random positive and negative reinforcements strongly increases attraction
c. a neutral stimulus randomly associated with reward elicits positive feelings, while one associated with punishment elicits negative feelings
d. delayed rather than immediate reinforcement increases liking
e. none of the above

The social exchange theory of attraction has most in common with:

a. reinforcement theory
b. evolutionary social psychology
c. dissonance theory
d. the weighted averaging model
e. balance theory

We tend to associate physical beauty with:

a. intelligence
b. success
c. confidence
d. both b & c
e. a, b & c

Which of the following statements is NOT true with respect to attraction?

a. we are attracted to others who are similar to us.
b. we prefer others who are moderately selective of friends/partners
c. balanced relationships are preferred
d. opposites attract
e. proximity is a strong predictor of a relationship developing

Avoidant attachment styles in early adulthood have been found to be associated with ____________________________ in later life.

a. social confidence
b. less self reliance
c. emotional closeness
d. trusting attitudes
e. more self reliance

When considering a new relationship people consider the potential costs and rewards of the relationship, they then enter a bargaining phase, and provided the outcomes are satisfactory enter the later phases of commitment and institutionalisation. This is an outline of a ______________________ of relationships.

a. reinforcement theory
b. balance theory
c. social exchange theory
d. mutual benefits theory
e. attribution theory

Evolutionary perspectives on mate selection argue that:

a. there are no gender differences in mate selection
b. males tend to choose partners who are older than themselves
c. females tend to choose partners who are older than themselves
d. males are more threatened by emotional infidelity
e. females are more threatened by sexual infidelity

A person’s comparison level (Thibaut & Kelley, 1959) acts to:

a. encourage someone to seek a new partner
b. provide a baseline for how satisfactory a subsequent relationship will be judged
c. lead a person to be less fussy about who they date
d. lead a person to dump their present partner
e. both a and b

Companionate love:

a. is the remaining solace for the elderly
b. is less long lasting than romantic love
c. combines deep attachment with feelings of friendly affection
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Horace is in love. He is committed, but without passion or intimacy. Sternberg (1988) calls this:

a. empty love
b. consummate love
c. companionate love
d. fatuous love
e. romantic love

Hays (1985) found that the best predictor of the survival of student friendships was rewards _____ costs.

a. minus
b. plus
c. divided by
d. multiplied by

Similarity in which of the following has NOT been found to be beneficial for friendships?
a. attitudes and beliefs
b. social background
c. social status
d. interests
e. personality