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Tutorial 1:
Introduction to Social Psychology

Last updated:
15 Jul 2005

  • Administration
    • Welcome (5 mins)
      • Contact details
      • Attendance book
    • Essay process (10 mins)
      • Topics
      • Outline
      • Draft
    • Introduction / Rationale (10 mins)
      • Summarise/discuss Philosophy & Method and a Descriptive Overview
      • Learning names is an important goal and part of healthy group development
        • Several group activities each week will be conducted until everyone knows everyone else's name
        • Name Tags (5 mins)
          • First name (or preferred nick name)
          • Write in a way that illustrates who you are
      • Going beyond names and learning about one another via meaningful interaction is another important goal and part of healthy group development
      • Open discussion about what occurs for the group and individuals in the group is vital
      • Sometimes bringing forward feelings and responses to the group won't be easy
      • By taking on various group tasks and attempting to respond authentically within a group setting, many important SP principles can be illustrated and experienced
      • One of the secondary goals of the tutorials is for group members to learn skills and activities which are useful for being group leaders in other settings.
    • Engagement & Contribution
      • Establish a "Group contract" about what constitutes "engagement & contribution" (worth 10% of final grade)
      • Mind-map the group's understanding of "engagement & contribution" in tutorials and bulletin-board postings
      • Refine through discussion & make final decision about evaluation criteria for each tutorial
      • Evaluation criteria to include a 2 page summary self-assessment of "engagement & contribution" during semester to be handed in by each student in the W15 tutorial
  • Group Activities
    • Icebreakers
      • People Bingo (10 mins)
      • Wallet-exercise (20 mins)
        • Small groups of 4-5
        • Each person takes it in turn to show the group his/her wallet/purse and to show/explain a couple of his/her favourite contents and why he/she carries these items
  • Brain-storming & Mind-mapping What We Know & What We Want to Know in Social Psychology (20 mins)
    • Brainstorming & Mind-mapping
      • What we know about social psychology
      • What we want to know about social psychology - questions to be answered
  • Briefing for Genocide & Prejudice (10 mins)
    • the reason we are examining the Rwandan genocide is that illustrates almost all the main topics in social psychology in an applied, real-world, major social event
    • be on time or early since the movie is 120 mins
    • visit the PBS "Ghosts of Rwanda" website and get familiar with the timeline and what happened
    • the movie contains emotional / graphic / violent
    • some amount of post-traumatic reaction is expected
    • for these reasons attendance voluntary
      • intended absence should be explained/discussed with tutor
      • the alternative activity is read the PBS site in depth and contribute to the bulletin board