Social Psychology

Tutorial 5:
Social Psychology of Groups & Leadership

Last updated:
30 Aug 2005


  • The goal of this tutorial is to participate in exercises which illustrate group problem solving and leadership principles.

Learning Names

  • Use Name Tags

List of Possible Exercises

Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Brainstorm as many personal leadership strengths and weaknesses as possible
  • Discuss with a partner
  • Agree on your three main strengths as a leader and three main areas for improvement

Compliance Exercise

Identify which compliance tactic is employed in each of the following examples:

  • Bait & switch
  • Door-in-face
  • Foot-in-the-door
  • Ingratiation
  • Scarcity
  • That’s-not-all
  • A Boy Scout asks you if he can paint your house for $1000. When you say no, he asks you if he can mow your lawn for $100.
  • A limited edition coin is being offered for sale.
  • Conservation Foundation koala engages you in friendly conversation before asking you for a donation.
  • You want to buy a fabulous pair of shoes that are on sale. When you get to the store, they are sold out but there’s an almost identical pair available – unfortunately they cost $50 more.
  • Friends ask you to mind their dog while they’re away on holidays. When they return, they ask how you’d feel about keeping the dog permanently (they’re moving into an apartment).
  • With every Slim Dusty’s greatest hits CD you receive a bonus Smokey Dawson CD absolutely free.
  • You tell your Mum how nice she looks today before asking if you can borrow her car for the evening.