Social Psychology

Tutorial 7:
Social Constructionism

Last updated:
27 Sep 2005


  • The goal of this tutorial is to experientially engage students in the topic of social constructionism and to explore how social constructionism might be operating in their own lives.

General Set-Up

  • Create groups of approx. 6 which will remain intact for the tutorial.
  • Encourage name learning and name use within the small groups.  Optional: Use name tags.

Group Mandala [30 mins]

  • What are you thoughts about this activity?  What did it reveal?  Did it illustrate social constructionism?  Why or why not?.



Discussing the Undiscussable [45 - 60 mins]

  • Use a separate sheet of paper for writing your A, B, and C lists.
  • Use the box below to summarise your conditions and the group's conditions for discussing undiscussables.
  • Instructor's note: Consider truncating the final couple of steps.
My conditions for discussing undiscussables The group's conditions for discussing undiscussables






Group Tell A-Story [30 mins]

  • Write your group's word-by-word story in the box below.
  • Can you interpret meaning about the group through this story?  What are the messages of your group's story?