Social Psychology

Tutorial 8:
Cross-Cultural Training

Last updated:
12 Oct 2005


  • The goal of this tutorial is to experientially engage students in the topic of culture and particularly, cross-cultural training.

The Story of My Name [20-30 mins]

  • In pairs, then fours or sixes or whole class.
  • When in larger groups, introduce the story behind partner's name.

Survey on Social Interactions [15 mins] [Handout]

  • What are you thoughts about this survey?  What does it reveal?

Stages of Cultural Adaptation (Winkelman, 1994)

  1. Honeymoon or tourist phase
  2. Crisis or cultural shock phase
  3. Adjustment, reorientation, and gradual recovery phase
  4. Adaptation, resolution, or acculturation phase

Cultural Mapping [30-45 mins] [Handout]

  • Cultural mapping is a sociocultural training technique.
  • Functions as a 'map' in new social territory
  • Makes explicit unwritten ways of behaving
  • Define competency, e.g., Disagreeing with someone
  • What have you observed people do when they effectively disagree in the mainstream culture?
  • Many different behaviors -> create a 'cultural map' or list of appropriate behavioral responses (include non-verbal)
  • Structure using ABCD model
    • Attending, Bridging, Commenting, Developing/Closing


Winkelman, M. (1994). Cultural shock and adaptation. Journal of Counseling & Development, 73, 121-126.