Social Psychology

Tutorial 9:
Environmental Psychology

Last updated:
22 Oct 2005

Humans and nature construct one another.
- Alexander Wilson, “The Culture of Nature”, 1992

From little things, big things grow
- Paul Kelly


  • The goal of this tutorial is to explore human <-> environment interactions and environmental psychology.

Favorite Place in Nature [10 mins]

Ideal Experience in Nature [10 mins]

Sensual Awareness Inventory [15 mins]

What Has Changed in 150 Years? [15 mins]

  • Groups score 1 point for unique ideas

Create Social Psychological Models for (may only have time for 1):

  • Reducing Personal Consumption by 20% (i.e., Change Personal Behavior) [15 mins]
  • Changing Worldviews (i.e., Collective Psyche) [15 mins]
    • Egocentric
    • Anthropocentric
    • Ecocentric

Criteria for a Great Abstract [10 mins]