Social Psychology

Tutorial 10:

Last updated:
25 Oct 2005


  • The goal of this tutorial is to review the tutorials via the use of group review, peer-to-peer feedback, self-evaluation and tutor evaluation.

Group Tell-A-Story (Semester Review)

  • In a circle, each person takes a turn to tell part of the  group story of the semester.  Start right at the beginning, follow the sequence and give as much "memory" detail as possible to re-activate and create a collective memory.  Include feelings, reactions, incidents, etc.  Allow people to contribute extra details to an incident, but make sure each person speaks at least a couple of times as the semester unfolds.
  • Tutor should note emerging recommendations for improving tutorials.

Animal Feedback [50 mins]

  • People often liken the behavior of themselves and others to animals, as a way of characterising their perceptions of the person.
  • Individually (on your own), choose an animal which for you characterises the person's contribution in this class and write down an explanation for your choice. [20 mins]
  • In the group, each person shares their feedback for everyone else. [30 mins]

Tutorial Engagement - Self Evaluation [15 mins]

  • Remind students what was decided on for the initial group contract as a way of measuring the 10% tutorial engagement component.  Review this as a class and agree on the criteria.
  • Students write up to 2 page summary of their tutorial engagement and hand in.
  • Tutorial engagement marks will be ultimately decided upon by tutors and posted on WebCT.

CELTS Tutor Evaluation [10-15 mins]