Social Psychology
Tutorial Feedback

Semester 2, 2005

Please circle the tutorial TOPICS you would recommend keeping in this course.
If you aren't familiar with a lecture topic, put a line through it.

(People Bingo, Wallet Exercise)

("Ghosts of Rwanda")

("The Australian Eye")

Communication & Relationships
(2 Truths & a Lie, Minefield, Effective Communication, Essay Outline Draft Feedback)

Groups & Leadership
(Nuclear Holocaust Survival, Leadership Style, Compliance Exercise, Types of Influence)

Australian Zeitgeist
("Social Disengagement", Magic Lamp - Models for Australian Society)

Social Constructionism
(Group Mandala, Discussing the Undiscussable, Group Tell-A-Story)

Cross-Cultural Training
(Story of Your Name, EXCELL, Cultural Mapping, Expressing Disagreement)

Environmental Psychology
(Favorite Place in Nature Review, Sensual Awareness Inventory, Social Psychology Models)

(Group-Tell-A-Story Review, Animal Feedback, Lecturer Evaluations, Tutor Evaluations)

Please add any other comments about the tutorials.