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Singapore is a small, urbanized, South-east Asian country-island.  Singapore is less than 700 km squared.  There are about 4 million people.  Singapore is populated by many different ethnicities, including Chinese, Malay, Indian and British and has a gross GDP per capital equivalent to that of Western European countries. 

The British contact with Singapore occurred about 200 years ago (founded 1819) and it quickly became a trading mecca.  As a result of ongoing growth, Singapore has become one of biggest economic successes in Asia.




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Singapore is densely populated, with a post-industrial lifestyle.  Singapore has a small amount of National Park, a tropical climate, considerable access to ocean, botanical and zoological gardens, and several built adventure activity facilities. 

Outdoor education is being seen as increasingly important, in order to help people to exercise, be in touch with nature, and to help toughen them up.  For example, the Singaporean government has provided considerable support for the development of Outward Bound Singapore since 1967 and is currently investing in government-run adventure centers.  In addition to OBS and the Ministry of Education adventure centres, it is estimated that there about 30 ropes challenge courses and 10 to 20 commercial adventure activity providers in Singapore.

Recently, the first Singapore Outdoor Education Conference was held, with the theme "Building Resilience", to coincide with the opening of the Dairy Farm Outdoor Education Centre (November, 2004).  For more information, read the opening opening address by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Hawazi Daipi.  The address gives excellent background as to the formation and direction of outdoor education in Singapore.

Participants at the Inaugural Singapore Outdoor Education Conference Playing Slice N Dice at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, 2004

Paired Climbing, Outward Bound Singapore

Where is Singapore?

Singapore is in South-East Asia: