Online Research Studies

University of Canberra

UC students over the age of 18 years are invited to enter three draws for $50 Co-op Bookshop vouchers by participating in anonymous online psychological research studies being conducted by the Centre for Applied Psychology. To participate, select from the study titles below.

Start Finish Title Time (mins) Incentive Researcher Supervisor Ethics #
Mon 5/6 Fri 7/7 Identity, self-esteem & internet self-disclosure 20-30 $50 draw Emma Knapp Michele Fleming 06-25
Mon 10/7 Fri 28/7 Motivations for social engagement 20-30 $50 draw Rebecca Kortge James Neill 06-34
Mon 31/7 Fri 25/8 The effects of mental health questionnaires 20-30 $50 draw Jason Brown Debra Rickwood 06-TBA

If you have any questions, please contact the research supervisors.