Internal validity and reliability of the 30 item Mental Health Inventory for Australian Adolescents


Bernd Heubeck
James T. Neill

Psychological Reports, 87, 431-440, 2000


Ostroff, Woolverton, Berry, and Lesko (1996) examined the adolescent subsample of Veit and Ware’s 1983 normative data for the Mental Health Inventory and recommended a two-factor rather than the original five-factor model for the assessment of adolescents’ mental health.  Analysis of a 30 item version in a new, independent sample of 878 adolescents in another English-speaking country supported a two-factor model of psychological well-being and distress for boys and girls. Internal consistency was >.9, and scores were stable (~.7) over a 10-week period. Boys reported slightly better mental health than girls, as in the original American research.

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