The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire: A Tool for Measuring Change


James T. Neill

University of Canberra, 2000


This article describes the development and application of the Life Effectiveness Questionnaire (LEQ).  The LEQ is a self-report instrument for measuring the effects of adventure and other experiential education intervention programs.  Confirmatory factor analyses have demonstrated an excellent fit for the 24-item, 8-factor LEQ.   Studies based on the LEQ show noticeable differences in outcomes between different types of programs - long programs with motivated adults being the most effective.  In addition, adventure education has stronger effects in some areas of life effectiveness than others.  The life effectiveness benefits of adventure education programs appear to be maintained, on average, for at least 5 months, with significant benefits still evident at 12 months.  Other versions of the LEQ have been developed for younger age groups, observers, and goal setting sessions.  The LEQ is recommended for wider application, hopefully heralding a new maturity in empirical adventure education research.

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