Where Has the Adventure Gone?
Bringing Risk Back into the Outdoors


James T. Neill

Keynote presentation to the Annual Outdoor Recreation Industry Council (ORIC) Conference, Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia, October 11-12, 2003



In basic terms, there is the risk of loss (R-) and the risk of gain (R+).  This 40 slide power-point presentation makes the argument that positive aspects of risk (R+) are being underplayed within an increasingly "risk averse" Western society.   Outdoor recreation and outdoor education are likewise bogged down in efforts to manage the risks of loss (R-), and we need to do more to promote and enhance the risks of gain. Adventure-based experiences offer a vital opportunity for learning how to positively manage the risks and opportunities associated with human life.  Practical strategies could include: using more simple gear and equipment, giving students more responsibility and independence, giving students more support so they can tackle greater challenges, etc.

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