Preparing young people for a future of increasing uncertainty, complexity and challenge


Lorraine Smith, Amma Griffiths, & James T. Neill

Presentation to the Victorian Outdoor Education Association Annual Conference, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia, May 26-27, 2006



What would outdoor education look like if it was considered to contribute to the aims of your school and what evidence do you have to demonstrate the effectiveness of your programs in contributing to the overall educational needs of your students? Self worth, goal setting, communication, teamwork, interdependence and any number of a vast array of other ‘life skills’ have become the recognised teaching and learning goals of today’s schools. At the same time, outdoor education has increasingly becoming less about teaching outdoor skills and more about teaching ‘life skills’ through adventure based experiences. The idea is that by experiencing challenging situations in which self identity, goal setting, conflict resolution, teamwork, followership and community action, etc. play a part, students will, through guided reflection, gain insight into the relevant life skill/s and employ that learning in other settings, to their benefit. This workshop will present the Outdoor Education Group’s Educational Framework, a dynamic curriculum framework that seeks to optimise learning outcomes to assist students to positively interface with a future of increasing uncertainty, complexity and challenge. It will also explore the role of research in objectively measuring student educational experiences.

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