Adventure Therapy

About Adventure Therapy

James Neill
Last updated:
20 Feb 2005

What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy uses challenging experiences & being in natural environments to improve psychological dysfunctions in emotion, behavior, & life effectiveness skills.

Adventure therapy is commonly referred to as wilderness therapy and outdoor behavioral healthcare.  Adventure therapy is closely related to fields such as nature therapy and therapeutic recreation.  Read more about different types of adventure therapy...

"Adventure-based as an addition to the field of therapy, employing diverse methods and...court ordered juvenile delinquents, the mentally ill, post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers, the disabled, substance abusers, eating disordered individuals, sexual abuse survivors, as well as normal populations....

Adventure therapy has been purported to be a potentially unique therapeutic modality that can be used either independently or as an adjunct to other forms of psychotherapy."

- Sandy Newes, Adventure-Based Therapy:  Theory, Characteristics, Ethics, and Research (2001)

You can watch a 7 minute documentary about the Catherine Freer organization - a well recognized adventure therapy program for troubled teens in the USA. 

Also consider going to the websites of some adventure therapy programs.