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James Neill
Last updated:
11 Mar 2007

Adventure Therapy Web

The first established and arguably most informative adventure therapy website by Adventure Therapy stalwart Lee Gillis (faculty page), from Georgia College & State University, USA.  Gillis co-authored the first meta-analysis of adventure programming and has worked closely with Mike Gass, University of New Hampshire, and Simon Priest, among others  Includes a historical timeline, downloadable papers (literature reviews & research studies), detailed descriptions of programs, etc.

Wilderness Research Center

Empirical, longitudinal research on wilderness-based youth at risk programs.  Access key, recent, well conducted studies, thanks particularly to the efforts of Keith Russell and Russell Hendee, University of Idaho, USA.  Comprehensive annotated bibliography of adventure therapy studies and outdoor behavioral healthcare longitudinal studies from a consortium of wilderness-youth-at-risk programs.  See also: Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council.

Christian Itin's Experiential Social Work Page

Christian Itin (about) has an eclectic background, including working for the Colorado Outward Bound School, a PhD in social work using experiential methods, a love of Milton Erikson, a strong advocate for experiential education, and has developed the "double black diamond" model to describe the adventure process.  The website is mid-1990's style, but is still a goldmine of resources, especially the activity page containing hundreds of ideas for therapeutic experiential activities.

Adventure-based Social Work Practice

Initially developed in 2003, this site by Tony Alvarez and Gary Stauffer, University of Michigan, USA, has much appeal in terms of its navigability and user-friendly access to a variety of good sources and practical ideas for developing professional adventure-based social work practice.

Martin Ringer's Home Page

Martin Ringer (consultant)  has been a key figure in the development of adventure therapy in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.  Ringer organized the 1st International Adventure Therapy Conference in 1997 and is currently co-editing an International Handbook of Adventure Therapy with Kaye Richards.  The site features access to Ringer's articles on group processing and leader role in experiential groups, including a recently published book. 

Struggling Teens

Since 1989, Lon Woodbury has been working as an educational consultant, specializing in alternative education and treatment programs for youth at risk.  The website contains advice for parents, reports on site visits to USA programs, interesting articles, and more.

Adventure Therapy & Wilderness Therapy

Developed by James Neill, Outdoor Education R&E Center, Australia, 2001.  Focuses on philosophy, theory, research and evaluation in adventure and wilderness therapy.  Features include emphasis on research summaries, online references, and nature-based therapy resources.