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James Neill
Last updated:
12 Jul 2007

What is an email discussion list?

Email discussion lists are a free, simple form of internet-based discussion.  After subscribing to a list you will receive and be able to send email messages to all other members. 


There are email discussion lists for almost (but not quite) every imaginable topic - with over 100,000 public lists to choose from.

Many discussion lists are also archived and searchable, so its a good idea to check the archives before posting a message.

Outdoor & experiential education discussion lists

Archived Lists with Email & Web Interface

Lists with Email Only Interface & No Archives

    (Association for Business Simulation & Experiential Learning, Towson University, USA)
  • Outdoor-Ed
    (Outdoor Education, LaTrobe University, Australia; Andrew Brookes)
    (Society for Parks & Recreation, USA; Diane Samahdl)

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