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Personality & Psychological
Profiling Tools

Personality and team role profiling tools such as the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator and 360 Degree Feedback introduce rich potential for growth to team building programs.

Blind Polygon

Small group is blindfolded and given a length of rope, then asked to form various shapes with the rope e.g., a house.


Game which seems to be competitive and impossible but can be solved via creative cooperation.  Involves running and collecting balls.

Golf as a Team Building Exercise
[F. John Rey,]

Group golf with non-golfers for teambuilding and exercise.  Have at least two teams.  Each person tees off.  Next shots are played from the team's best shot.

Human Overhand

Put lengths of rope between people.  Task: tie a knot in the central piece of rope without letting go.  Variation on Human Knot.

Limited Senses (Mute Line-up)

People are blindfolded & given a unique number.  Challenge is to line up in sequential order, without talking.  Works on communication skills.

Newspaper Bridge Building

A group constructs a bridge out of newspaper that has to be able to support a weight and allow passage of an object underneath.

Quick Draw

In 30 seconds, individuals try to circle as many sequential numbers on a worksheet as possible, then work as a group to solve.  There is a secret pattern.


A group is required to cross a 50 yd distance.  To cross, one must carry a talisman, and one can only carry the talisman once each way.  Solution requires some people to carry other people.

Traffic Jam

Logic exercise which can be presented as a physical task.  Gets groups thinking, sharing ideas, discussing, trialing solutions and problem solving.

Welded Ankle

A group attempts to cross a distance with each person's feet 'welded' to another person's feet.

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