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Recommended Links to Free Descriptions of Team Building Exercises & Problem Solving Activities


Well organized descriptions of team building games, including theory, audio and video materials.  Requires registration.
[100+ activities; .html]

Icebreakers, games & initiatives

Quite comprehensive
[17 pages; .doc]

Games & exercises for team building

Includes activities for employee motivation, training and development, and children's games.
[60 activities; 2 paragraphs per activity; .html]

Team building exercises

Bulletin board postings describing some simple, straightfoward, team building activities.
[20 activities; .html]

Games for groups

Simple sample games from books.  Topics include games for teamwork, self-esteem, and therapeutic purposes.

Fun teambuilding activities

A list of corporate culture creator Kirk Weisler's favourite activities
[12 activities; .pdf]

Youth Group Games

1 paragraph descriptions of group games and tasks for Youth & Family Church Programs
[25 activities; .html]

Non-competitive games

Descriptions of cooperative games
[20 activities; html]

Group-problem solving activities

Descriptions of group activities for youth work.
[20 activities; html]

Descriptions of teambuilding activities

Descriptions of group activities for facilitators of teambuilding activities
[30activities; html]

Problem-solving activities

30 short descriptions of problem solving activities.
[20 activities' html]

More problem-solving activities

Classic "Project Adventure" activities
[4 pages; .pdf]

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14 Mar 2011