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Get to Know You Sociometric Questions

Description of Name Game/Icebreaker Activity
(Sociometry, Sociograms, Sociometrics)

James Neill
Last updated:
21 Mar 2005

Get to Know You Sociometric Questions

  • Sociometric activities engage people in representing social dynamics in physical space using their bodies.

  • Sociometry was developed by Jacob Moreno in the 1930s.  The word sociometry comes from the Latin “socius,” meaning social and the Latin “metrum,” meaning measure.

  • This activity is simply a series of "sociometric" questions which require participants to arrange themselves in space in relation to other people according to various individual and social characteristics.

  • Facilitator warmth and friendly encouragement will help to break natural hesitancy.  Laughter is very healthy.  Leaders are to move amongst students and join in as participants.

  • Suggest you use about 10 questions for a session.

  • Find someone who:

    • had the same breakfast as you
    • has the same shoe size (or has the same size hand)
    • has a different religious belief
    • you haven't met yet, but would really like to
    • has the same favourite season
    • has the same favourite sense
  • Walk to / arrange yourselves according to:

    • the place where you were born
    • the place where you live
    • a place you would like to visit
    • a place where a memorable event took place for you
    • also see People Map
  • Lineup according to:

    • number of siblings
    • thumb size
    • number of glasses of water (or cups of caffeine) you drink per day
    • introversion / extraversion
    • how tired / alert you feel
    • number of different countries you've visited
  • Feel free to add your own variations.


5-15 minutes

Brief Description

A sequence of questions which help students to find out about one another, move around, and have fun.