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Activities, Games, & Initiatives

James Neill
Last updated:
22 Dec 2003


These sites provide compilations of games and activities.  They have been categorized as:


Beginners Guides (mostly games for fun)

(Quick descriptions of games you can use right away!)

Games kids play

Classic physical activity games for children and youth.

Experiential games & activities

Basic descriptions of common experiential games

Games for groups

Provides some simple, sample games from books, topics including focus on teamwork, self-esteem, therapeutic

Games used to warmup for drama

Covers many common experiential games with basic descriptions

Group party games

Lots of short descriptions for kids' party games

Icebreakers, games & initiatives

17 pages by Tim Pearson - quite comprehensive [.doc]

Improv games collection

Drama-based warm-ups - collection of 350 games

The great game list - ball, tag, circus, icebreaker, learning, skill, etc. games

Non-competitive games

Quick to download descriptions of 20 or so cooperative games

Organized children's games

Well-organized compilation of hundreds of classic kids games

SGX - Simulation/gaming resource exchange

Wide range of experiential game resources, esp. see "Manual simulation/game" and "Structured simulation/game"

Team-builders, icebreakers, etc.

Name, high energy, low energy games, etc. -


Mid-level Guides (mostly tasks for learning)

(More indepth and advanced activity descriptions, adaptations of activities, focus on facilitation of activities, etc.)

Activities, processing & debriefing's links to wide range of related content, but not many direct links to activities - moderated by Rick Curtis

Activity of the month

Games & initiatives for experiential educators - Sam Sikes.

Activity of the week

Experiential activities to learn & grow - Chris Cavert

Adventure Learning Associates - links

Discerning list of links to adventure learning resources, but no direct links to activities

Character education

Curriculum resources for character development activities

Environmental education classroom activities

Peter Puffin's creative environmental education activities & teaching resources for elementary school

Experiential education activities

100+ experiential education activities - large, interesting list of wide variety of activities - moderated by Christian Itin.

Outdoor game ideas

EgadIdeas' games, activities & ideas for working in youth ministry

Training activities

Interesting range of activities (in pdf) - JVD Creativity Consulting