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James Neill
Last updated:
25 Nov 2007

Outdoor Education Journals

Overviews of the Major Outdoor Education Journals

  • There is no "international outdoor education journal".  Each of the journals listed below attempts in some ways to address  international perspectives, but each also reflects a regional bias.

Journal of Experiential Education (JEE)

Australian Journal of Outdoor Education (AJOE)

  • The major Australian-Pacific-based peer-reviewed outdoor education journal (with international scope)
  • Published twice/year by the Australian Outdoor Education Council since 1995.
  • Print run ~800.
  • Subscriptions
    ~US$35 per year = ~$18 per issue
  • Subscription access via:
    • ACER, Proquest, Gale
  • Index of past articles

Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning (JAEOL)

  • The major British-European (with international scope) peer-reviewed outdoor education journal
  • Online contents (index of previous issues)
  • About:
    • JAEOL page at IOL
    • Journal details
    • Officially sponsored by the Institute for Outdoor Learning since it was resurrected in 2000.
    • Since 2007 it has been published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis). 
    • Print run ~700.
    • Aims/Scope:
      • Promotes dialogue, research, thinking, understanding, teaching and practice in the field of adventure education and outdoor learning.
      • Publishes original papers that encourage a wider appreciation of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary components of adventure education and outdoor learning.
      • International review board.

Bradford Papers Online (BPO)

  • An online archival project by Indiana University which has made available approximately 100 outdoor education and camping articles published in the Bradford Papers since the late 1980s.

New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education (NZJOE)

  • Emphasises the application of academic knowledge to practice.
  • Published annually by Outdoors New Zealand since 2002.
  • Volume 1 (.5 MB; .pdf)

Other Outdoor Education Journal Links

Who uses outdoor education journals?

  • Students writing essays
  • Staff in outdoor education centers
  • School teachers wanting to justify field trips to parents
  • Outdoor education researchers and academics
  • Others interested in the how's and why's of outdoor education



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