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James Neill
Last updated:
15 Apr 2006

What are the major recreation & leisure journals?

This page offers a rough ordering of the main leisure and recreation journals, along with some of the top journals from travel and tourism.  With the recent proliferation of journals it is becoming increasingly important to understand the relative scope, quality and scholarly kudos associated with different journals within a discipline.  Journal impact ratings are included where available.  The rough ordering also takes into account subjective discussions on the SPRENET listserv regarding journal kudos and direct correspondence with editors of several of these journals.

Recreation & Leisure Studies Journals - Peer Reviewed

Top Tourism & Travel Journals - Peer Reviewed

Recreation & Leisure Studies Journals - Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Parks & Recreation (P&R - Magazine)
    (National Recreation & Park Association - available via EBSCO)

Other Lists of Related Journals


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