Suggested process

  1. Topic: Hard copy articles are organised by Topics in green hang files.
  2. Sort: Sort the references within each Topic alphabetically by author surname.
  3. Duplicates: Paper clip or bulldog clip or use plastic sleeves to put duplicate references together (feel free to take a duplicate copy).
  4. Notes: Put notes, incomplete articles, etc. into a manila folder at the back of the green file for further review.
  5. Search: Check whether article reference already exists on wilderdom or elsewhere on the web
  6. Reference: Create reference with link to article (if available) on the wiki page.
    • No need to create a reference is its already on the relevant existing references page on wilderdom
  7. When all references in a topic are complete, email James who will check.
  8. Meanwhile, run a broken link check e.g., Xenu Link Sleuth on:
    • The new references (on the wiki page)
    • the existing references (on the target wilderdom html page)
  9. After approval, copy/paste/integrate the new references into the target html reference page.
  10. Email the updated html file to James for uploading to server.
  11. Delete references from the wiki page.
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