Title: Media constructions of risk: a case study of the Stainforth Beck incident Author(s): Beedie P, Bourne G Source: JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH 8 (4): 331-339 JUN 2005 Document Type: Article Language: English Cited References: 15 Times Cited: 0 Abstract: In October 2000 two schoolgirls were swept away from their party whilst 'river walking' in Stainforth Beck near Settle in North Yorkshire. The paper examines this incident with reference to media coverage of the events at the time and the subsequent reportage. The discussion contributes to the debate concerning the appropriateness of an agenda of broadening education. We argue from a position that supports the principle of breadth, particularly when such activities are part of adventure education with its propensity to engage with outdoor risk settings. Whilst lessons must be learnt from such a tragic incident, it is important that outdoor professionals continue to disseminate the positive potential of adventure in order to offset the negative messages concerning risk promoted by the media in general.

Author Keywords: outdoor education; adventure pursuits; newspaper reporting; media constructions Addresses: Beedie P (reprint author), De Montfort Univ, Dept Sport Sci, 37 Lansdowne Rd, Bedford, MK40 2BZ England De Montfort Univ, Dept Sport Sci, Bedford, MK40 2BZ England E-mail Addresses: pbeedie@dmu.ac.uk Publisher: ROUTLEDGE TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 4 PARK SQUARE, MILTON PARK, ABINGDON OX14 4RN, OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND Subject Category: SOCIAL SCIENCES, INTERDISCIPLINARY IDS Number: 915DS

ISSN: 1366-9877

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