Arguments against Technology in OE

  • Rescue-free wilderness (Leo McAvoy)
  • Respite from technological world and dependence on technology
  • Sanatorium, purity of nature argument
  • Nature-deficit disorder and psycho-evolutionary theory

Arguments for Technology in OE

  • Humans have evolved in and through tool-making and technology; it is part of who we have been, are, and our future
  • Push new boundaries/challenges in creative, flexibile use of technology (e.g. taking technology not just mobile but remote)
  • We already use considerable technology in OE, but:
    • Are very selective/restrictive in what technology we allow students
    • Tend to use it behind the scenes and not to incorporate it
    • We tend to privelege and use gear/clothing/cooking/tentage, etc. technologies but avoid/discourage communication and information technology - why?
  • Could be used to supplement/complement
  • Increasing recognition of the need to innovate and creatively/flexibility deliver education and training in the 21st century
  • Provides a conduit for integrating OE into the broader curriculum and communicating the value and nature of OE
  • Improving pedagogy, e.g., use of video for feedback/review/debriefing


  • Poll preferences on continuum
  • Perhaps we should seek to provide a developmental spectrum of OE experiences, ranging from naked survival courses through to adventures which utilise cutting edge IT

Community Tools

  • Discussion lists
  • Jobs/employment
    • Employer
    • Employee
  • Social development tools such as sociometrics


  • Google Earth
  • Frappr
  • GPS
  • Geocaching
  • Geotagging

Mobile Learning


  • Flickr
  • Tagging
  • Parsing


  • TALO
    • Discussion
    • TALOtools

Experiential Gaming

  • Mountain Bike Video Game / Bikes


  • Camps (particularly Summer Camps in America) provide a variety of new technologies, etc., e.g., including
    • Phone
    • Internet
    • Daily Photographs, Blogs, Chat, etc.
  • Online Counselling in schools (e.g., MindMatters video)
  • E-Assessment (e.g., handheld devices)




  • Hardware
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Sharing
    • Websites
    • Blogs
  • Tagging


  • Hardware
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Sharing
    • Websites
    • Blogs
  • Tagging


  • Hardware
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Sharing
    • Websites
    • Podcasting
  • Tagging

Web 2.0

  • Blogs
  • Groups
    • Google Groups
  • Images
    • Flickr
  • LMSs
  • “Learning Journey” (OEG)
  • VoIP & GroupWare
  • Networks
    • Contacts
    • ELGG
  • TV
  • Wiki
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