luddites and geeks alike (and those with mulitiple personality) might get a spin from this idea (thanks chris r):

Camping in the Gigital Wilderness

Tents and Flashlights as Interfaces to Virtual Worlds. A projection screen in the shape of a tent provides children with a shared immersive experience of a virtual world based on the metaphor of camping.

i appreciate the full spectrum and believe we need to nurture the diversity - there will always be a place for low tech schools, even if the odd person does die of thirst (US case recently) and there are going to be people leading almost entirely virtual lives

so far we've been considering “technology in outdoor education”…. another interesting question might be how can we use “outdoor education” in technology?

like it or not, technology is continuing to colonise the outdoors - do we begrudingly succumb like many educators - or play, embrace, integrate, evolve?

does it occur to anyone that the luddites share much with indigenous people in the face of colonisation? in this colonisation the digital divide is growing (along with the the industrial-economic divide). we have a a new class of people whom are high-technologically-enabled, have good access and sufficient privelege to live “digital lives”. Those who _embrace_ and who _have access_ are becoming a different kind of species. They are the ancestors of cyborgs.

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