Common Adventure

Common Adventure is a community adventure concept developed during the 1970s in American universities. A number of communities, many of them with colleges and universities, created Common Adventure Bulletin Boards at similar times.

Common Adventure involves using a community noticeboard to post notices for different possible adventure trips. When enough people sign up, the group meets and goes on the trip together.

Common Adventure is typified by a Community Bulletin Board where individuals post their own ideas for adventures or projects and others who respond to this initial idea become Common Adventurers towards the goal of trying to come to a consensus on one or more objectives and ways to accomplish their common goal(s). Sometimes these projects are identified as Community related, and other times they are very personal. It depends on the participating individuals to decide the objectives of any particular group effort.

Common Adventure projects include adventure trips such as day hikes, float trips, weekend climbs and major adventure expeditions, but they also include environmental projects such as volunteer cleanup efforts, public affairs conrferences, educational program development, and other community service projects.

Common Adventure groups are characterized by having a flat leadership structure, with no single person in charge.

There some important Common Adventure principles, although these can implemented and interpreted in various ways.

To learn more about about Common Adventure, including the principles, read:

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