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  • This page lists people involved in theory-building and research in outdoor education.
  • Mostly the people listed are university-based academics; there are also doctoral students, consultants, and outdoor educators.
  • To add/edit your details - email your info to james@wilderdom.comsee. Include your name, email (optional), place of work/study (+ optional link), and areas of interest/expertise.

People Involved in Outdoor Education Theory-building & Research

Name & Email


Areas of Expertise & Interest

Linda Allin University of Northumbria Outdoor and sport careers, Identity, Gender, Sports studies, Sociology, co-editor JAEOL
Peter Allison The University of Edinburgh Phenomenology, Values, Expeditions, Moral Philosophy Research design, ex-editor of Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
Aram Attarian North Carolina State University Artificial adventure environments, Climbing area management, Outdoor leadership, Adventure program design, Risk management
Peter Barnes University of Strathclyde Philosophy of Outdoor Education, Staffing and training issues within outdoor education, most notably the validity and content of outdoor education degrees and higher education programmes
Simon Beames The University of Edinburgh Youth expeditions, symbolic interactionism
Brent Bell University of New Hampshire Wilderness orientation programs, Rites of passage, Social capital, Social support
Jason Bocarro North Carolina State University Youth at risk, Youth development, Mentoring, Outreach programs, Outdoor recreation, Research methods, Qualitative research
Mike Boyes University of Otago Outdoor learning, Outdoor safety management, Sail training, Naturalistic decision making, Leadership
Ian Boyle Glengarry Outdoor Education Centre Sports psychology, Facilitation, Safety
Andrew Brookes School of OE & Envt, La Trobe University Outdoor education and relationships with place, Cultural dimensions of outdoor education, Interdisciplinary perspectives on outdoor education, Safety and fatalities in outdoor education.
Dave Boynton Adventure Links Staff training and performance, Camp-based, General population outdoor education.
Mike Brown Monash University Philosophy of adventure & experiential education, Facilitation, Processing, Leadership, Globalisation of outdoor education/recreation
Eric Brymer University of Wollongong Extreme Sport, Eco/Adventure, Experiential Issues, Phenomenology, Leadership, Teams
Camille Bunting Texas A&M University Physiological responses to adventure activities, Ropes courses, Meta-analysis
Peter Bunyan University College Chichester Outcomes, Research design, Self-concept
Julie Carlson Stephen F. Austin State University History of experiential & outdoor education; Lloyd Burgess Sharp: the Father of Outdoor Education; scholar-practitioner leadership
Rebecca Carver Deceased Experiential education theory
Philippe Charbonneau Université du Québec à Trois-Rivière PhD student, Adventure therapy, Psychodrama group psychotherapy/Morenean theory, Personality psychodiagnostic, Psychoanalytic theories, Addictive disorders, Attachment
theories, Teaching and learning process.
Preston Cline Adventure Management Risk, Risk management, Human interaction with uncertainty, crisis response and preparation
Michael Conner Psychologist, Clinical, Medical & Family Psychology, Outcomes and consumer protection in wilderness therapy programs
Simon Crisp Systemic Wilderness Adventure Therapy: Research & Development Adventure therapy
Beth Christie University of Edinburgh PhD student, Youth at risk, Outcomes
Alan Ewert Indiana University Outward Bound, Recreation, Leadership, Psychological aspects of outdoor education, Editor of Journal of Experiential Education
Richard Flor Capella University Research, policy analysis & program evaluation, Team and organizational
learning, Staff training and development, Experiential education in schools
(project-based & interdisciplinary), Sustainable change & development
Shayne Galloway University of Otago Naturalistic decision making and outdoor leadership, Social judgment theory, Wilderness orientation programs, positive forms of social deviance (adventure)
Dan Garvey Prescott College Moral development, Leadership, International education
Michael Gass University of New Hampshire Program evaluation, Adventure therapy, Service Learning
PJ Giampietro University of New Hampshire PhD student, Educational Philosophy, Ethics, Feminism, Philosophy of Identity
Lee Gillis Professional Home Page
Adventure Therapy Web
Georgia College and State University
Adventure therapy, Facilitation, Project Adventure, Psychology, Group process
Marni Goldenberg California Polytechnic State University Adventure education outcomes
Tonia Gray University of Wollongong Leader preparation, Outcomes, Staff Burnout, Spiritual
Randall Grayson Vision Realization Camping, Outcomes, Research design, Instrument design, Organizational culture, Organizational development, Child development
Roger Greenaway Active Reviewing Experiential learning cycles; Learner's experience; Activity design; Reviewing; more Research interests
Steve Guthrie (email)
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Unity College Philosophy (esp. phenomenology; experiential education; sociology of knowledge); Editorial Board of Journal of Experiential Education; Outdoor recreation leadership; Teaching motor skills
Tracy Hans Bonnie Brae Residential Treatment Adventure therapy, Outcomes, Benchmarking, Program evaluation, Residential therapy programs
Karla Henderson University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Women's studies, Leisure
Eddie Hill Old Dominion University Therapeutic recreation, outdoor programs for adolescents with diabetes, youth development
Jude Hirsch Georgia College and State University Curriculum, Instruction, Program evaluation
Johan Hovelynck Centre for Organizational & Personnel Psychology, University of Leuven, Belgium Experiential learning, Organizing processes, Safety management, Facilitation methods
Sean Hoyer OMNI Youth Services Adolescent outpatient community-based wilderness therapy addressing, Delinquency, Addictions, Emotional conflict, Theory-informed practice
Barbara Humberstone Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College Sociology, Qualitative, Gender studies, Outdoor learning, Diversity, Nature, Culture, Identity, Editor of Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
Christian Itin Greater Rochester Collaborative MSW Program Experiential education, Social work education, Adventure therapy, Adventure-Based Practice, Addiction, Family, Adolescents, Change Process, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
Bruce Johnson Arizona Environmental education
Abdul Kahlid Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Program evaluation and research, impact of adventure programs on youth development, facilitation skills, program design, artificial and natural environments in adventure program design
Alain Kerjean Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education were founded in France in 1986 by Alain Kerjean : Hors limites-Outward Bound France, then Association Apprendre par l'expérience (youth, education, welfare, since 1994, French partner of the European project Non-Formal Education through outdoor activities 2004-2006) and Expérientiel - Outdoor Management Development (vocational training, management, team building, since 1999).
Bruce Kime Colorado Mountain College PhD student, Postsecondary Faculty Teaching: Outdoor and Adventure Education
Sarah Leberman Massey University Outdoor recreation management, Experiential learning, Qualitative methodology, Action learning, Transfer of learning
Chris Loynes Outdoor Education Theory, Qualitative methods, Narratives
Alison Lugg The University of Edinburgh Conceptualization of outdoor education, Curriculum and pedagogy, Environmental education and sustainability, Theory-practice relationships, Social justice
Andy Martin Massey University Case study, Action research, Outward Bound, Dramaturgy
Marcia McKenzie Simon Fraser University Outdoor education, Curriculum theory, Moral and environmental education, Ethics of care
Leo McAvoy University of Minnesota Wilderness programs, Inclusive programs
Norm McIntyre Lakehead University Leisure, Experience Sampling Method
Travis D. Mead Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Action Research: Identifying Standards for Experiential Education
Todd Miner Cornell University Adventure/Experiential Training & Development, Wilderness Safety/Survival/Medicine, Higher Education and Experiential Learning
Brooke Moran University of New Hampshire Experiential education, Pre-service teaching training
James Neill University of Canberra PhD student, Program evaluation, Research design, Self-concept, Coping, Resilience, Meta-analysis, Psychoevolutionary theory, Former editor of Australian Journal of Outdoor Education
Joshua Nelson University of New Hampshire PhD. Candidate, Environmentally Enhanced Outdoor Education, Placed Based Education, Agricultural Education- Shaping Value-Attitudinal System of School Aged Children-Jamaica WI.
Tony Nester Ancient Pathways
Northern Arizona University
Outdoor survival, Primitive technology
Sandy Newes Sandy Newes' Publications Adventure therapy, theory, research, facilitation, ethics
Geoff Nichols University of Sheffield Outcomes, Program evaluation, Research design
Simon Priest eXperientia,, virtualteamworks Program evaluation, Research design, Corporate, Instrument design
Anita Pryor Deakin University/ Adventure Therapy Specialist Wilderness and Adventure Therapy, Holisitc health and wellbeing benefits, PhD candidate
Toby Rhodes Sheffield Hallam University Outdoor management development, Transfer
Garry Richards University of Western Sydney Outcomes, Research design, Instrument design
Kaye Richards Liverpool John Moores University Adventure therapy, Qualitative methods, Eating disorders, Women's Issues
Martin Ringer Martin Ringer Consulting Organizational change, Adventure therapy, Group process, Staff training
Jay Roberts Earlham University Philosophy of experience in education, environment and education, critical theory
Nina Roberts Roberts, Gray & Associates
San Francisco State University
Diversity training, Youth development, Outdoor programming and leadership,Adventure education, Program evaluation, Race and gender issues, Recreation resource management, Urban-wildland interface
Keith Russell University of New Hampshire Adventure therapy, Outdoor behavioral healthcare, Outcomes, Residential care, Cost-benefit analysis, Quantitative, Qualitative
Kara Sammet University of California, Berkeley PhD student, Social & cultural studies, Female programs, Higher education, Mixed-methods program evaluation
Jim Sibthorp University of Utah Program evaluation, Research design, Causal processes, Transfer of learning, NOLS
Tammie Stenger Southeast Missouri State University School-based outdoor education, Camping, Outcomes, Youth programs, Doctoral preparation in Recreation/Leisure Studies
Loretta Sudds St Martins College Ambleside PhD student, Young offenders, Outdoor adventure programmes, Youth, Mixed methods, Qualitative, Process, Outcome
Deb Sugarman University of New Hampshire Older adults, Gender, Disability
Nic Tucker University of Nottingham
Brathay Hall Trust
Foundation for Outdoor Adventure
PhD student, Process, Qualitative, Mixed mode methodology, Outcomes
Ivana Turcova Charles University Prague,
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Diversity in outdoor terminology, Cross-cultural perspectives on outdoor education
Michael Antony Ugiono POSEIDON Adventure Activities Agency
Corporate Adventure-based Training, Curriculum Development and Practice, Adventure Safety, Risk Management, High & Low Ropes Challenge Course, Camping, Jungle & Sea Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor Leadership, Inspiring Motivator & Mindset Consultant, Adventure Therapy, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming
Deborah Twemlow Pali Institute
PhD student, Long-term outcomes
Ron Watters Outdoor literature, Safety, Common adventure, College programs, Cost-benefit analysis, Historical
Helen Wedin Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI, USA PhD student and longtime nurse. Working on Arctic canoe Expedition (greater than 42 days Nunavut) outcomes especially related to health, phenomenology, journals, emerging adult women, self-concept and transition
Erin Witter University of Utah Ph.D. student, Facilitation, Self-Efficacy, Outdoor Leadership, College Student Development, Therapeutic Recreation
Dan LaPasha Learning Technologies, Inc. PhD in Behavior Science, Facilitation, Experiential learning, Applied personality theory, Change management, Ropes course design, Skill transference
Rita Yerkes Aurora University Experiential Leadership, Outdoor Education, Risk Management, Gender Studies, Outdoor Pursuits Administration
Robyn Zink Monash University
OE Student and Teacher Experience, Curriculum and Practice, Risk, Risk Management

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Cheryl A. Stevens,,East Carolina University, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies//Student-centered learning, scholarship of teaching and learning, experiential & adventure education, youth program outcomes, service-learning, and how philosophical thinking is used in practice.

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