Individual Differences

Personality: Theory & Perspectives

An undergraduate psychology course about Individual Differences

Last updated:
02 Apr 2007

Lecture Titles for Theory of Personality

  1. What is personality?
  2. Trait & dispositional perspectives
  3. Biological & evolutionary perspectives
  4. Psychoanalytic & neoanalytic perspectives
  5. Phenomenological & humanistic perspectives
  6. Cognitive perspectives
  7. Review: Integration of perspectives & conclusions

Personality Links

What is personality?

  • An introductory lecture to the definitions of personality, history of its development in psychology, and overview of major perspectives.

Trait & dispositional perspectives on personality

Biological & evolutionary perspectives on personality

Psychoanalytic & neoanalytic perspectives on personality

Behavioral & learning perspectives on personality

Phenomenological perspectives on personality

Cognitive perspectives on personality

Integration & review of 6 main theoretical perspectives on personality

Personality exam

  • To be held during exam period
  • The exam will consist of 80 multiple choice questions. 
  • ~35% of the questions will focus on the material presented in the lecture
  • ~35% of the questions will focus on the material presented on the website
  • ~30% of the questions will focus on corresponding content in the textbook.


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