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Course Materials for
Philosophy of Outdoor Education

James Neill
Last updated:
28 Oct 2006

Course materials for "Philosophy of Outdoor Education"

Many undergraduate or instructor training programs for outdoor education include a section or course(s) on the philosophy and theories of outdoor education.

1. James Neill "Outdoor Education Philosophy & Methods"
(University of New Hampshire, USA, 2001-2002)

  • Download course syllabus [.zip; 58kb]: This course focused on the development of individuals' own philosophy of outdoor education.  To inform the development of a personal philosophy of outdoor education, participants engaged in (i) critical reading of some key texts (especially Dewey's "Experience and Education"); and (ii) and initiatives and "taster" adventure programming experiences which were related to philosophical topics.  The delivery format was 2 x 80 minutes classes per week over 15 weeks, with class sizes approx 25), plus a day-long semi-rural small-group treasure-hunt.  The course material could be adapted to other delivery formats.  This course was previously taught with different emphases by Mike Gass, Dan Garvey and Scott Wurdinger.  Teaching this course inspired several related topics on this website:

2. Ken Gilbertson - University of Minnesota Duluth, USA - http://www.d.umn.edu/~kgilbert/

3. Mark Lund, Grant McKewan College, USA - http://www.artsci.gmcc.ab.ca/people/lundm/