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Outdoor Education Philosophy

Some Outdoor Education Philosophers

James Neill
Last updated:
28 Jul 2004

Some Outdoor Education Philosophers

  • Kurt Hahn (Germany; UK) founder of Outward Bound, diagnosed several ills of modern youth and society, and developed corresponding educational antidotes

  • Colin Mortlock's adventure paradigm (UK) emphasizes the subjective nature of adventure experience and champions the value of exposing people to frontier adventure

  • Jasper Hunt (USA) identified and articulated many classic ethical dilemmas that occur in the design and delivery of outdoor education programs.

  • Simon Priest and Mike Gass (Canada; USA) emphasized the importance of effective leadership in outdoor education programs, particularly with regard to intentional use of adventure programming activities and different types of facilitation techniques

  • Steve Bowles (Europe) has championed post-modernist critiques of "production style" thinking about outdoor education, arguing for the need for sociological, political, deconstructionist examination of the underlying values and intents of outdoor education

  • Scott Wurdinger (USA) has attempted to uncover and organise for study many of the underlying assumptions and philosophical propositions used in adventure programming.

  • Peter Martin (Australia) has mused on, studied, researched and elucidated further the depth of potential relations between people and places through outdoor education.

  • Andrew Brookes (Australia) has investigated through diverse reading, close analysis, and careful consideration some of the many unchallenged assumptions and issues in outdoor education.