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Project Adventure

James Neill
Last updated:
04 Aug 2004

Some testimonial comments about Project Adventure.

  • "We survived fine before it came to the school.  It's starting a trend - backpacks, long hair, head bands, lumberjack clothes, and the like.  Do we really need all this in a community such as this?"

    - Parent surveyed after the first year of Project Adventure [1971] in  Hamilton-Wenham High School, Massachusetts, USA

  • "After having partnered with Project Adventure in over 450 workshops in the last five plus years, I have been delighted… Project Adventure’s training approach has removed the myth of “fun and games” in the woods by sharing the clear, concise, and valuable process of adventure learning in corporate settings."

    - Rick Tette, Curriculum Manager, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York

  • "I quickly came to realize that the experiential education component of PA's philosophy extends well beyond workshops and into the actual construction side of things as well. I have come to view Project Adventure as more than just a hired contractor. I have rather found PA to be a valued partner in helping to achieve my community's mission of providing wholesome and challenging recreation to our campers."

    - Jim Berigan, Associate Director, Camp Sancta Maria, Gaylord, Michigan