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James Neill
Last updated:
10 May 2006

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Teeter Totter - A Low Ropes Challenge Activity
Teeter Totter:
A "Low" challenge
 ropes course

Paired Postman's Walk - High Ropes Challenge Activity
Paired Postman's Walk:
"High" challenge
 ropes course

Purpose-built High Ropes Course, 2001

What's New?

Ropes Discussion List

  • ROPES ONLINE is an informative discussion list for ropes challenge course professionals and anyone interested.  Anyone can join; no archives.
  • People discuss experiential games and activities and low and high ropes facilitation and construction.
  • There are about 400 members, and the list averages about 2-4 postings a day.
  • Search the discussion list archive.

Recommended links

  • Ropes challenge courses

    Describes the history, purpose and main elements of ropes challenge courses.

  • ROPES Online
    Information for ropes/challenge course owners, facilitators, users, and students
  • List of Ropes Challenge Course Providers
    Editable wiki content, with sections for ropes course associations, centers, universities, corporate, and builders.
  • Challenge Courses Worldwide
    A Frappr Map which uses Google Maps to show pictures and locations of different ropes challenge courses around the world.  Add your course to the map.