Ways to Search for Outdoor Education Information

James Neill
Last updated:
12 Mar 2003

1st, use general search engines

2nd, use outdoor education search engines

3rd, use Internal (site-specific) search engines

4th, check these recommended sites

If you're looking for academic information, also check:

- Library Guides

- Bibliographies, etc.

General Search Engines

Google - The most popular (see Googling Tips for Outdoor Sites)
Profusion - Intelligent search
Teoma - Up and coming
AskJeeves - Question-driven
Dogpile - Meta-search engine

Outdoor Education Search Engines

Active Reviewing's Adventure Site Finder - by Roger Greenaway
OutdoorEd.com - Outdoor education information on the net in a database-driven site form
ERIC Outdoor Education Directory - Organizations, agencies, publishers, colleges, and universities

Internal Search Engines for Outdoor Education-Related Research Websites

Active Reviewing's Advanced Site Search - Roger Greenaway's excellent site on reviewing plus lots more
American Camping Association - Camps, books, and articles
Environmental Education on the Internet - High quality site with excellent searching
ERIC - Major educational publications clearinghouse
Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center - Expansive coverage of outdoor education research
Society for Parks and Recreation - Useful site engine for informative website

Library Guides

University of South Australia
LaTrobe University
University of New Hampshire
University of Michigan