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for research & evaluation of intervention programs

James Neill
Last updated:
06 Jan 2007

What's on this site?

Information, reviews and links to research tools, program evaluation surveys, questionnaires and other instruments for researching and evaluating the impacts of psycho-social training and intervention programs.



Index to Instruments

List of 30+ tools for assessing the psycho-social impacts of intervention programs.

Summaries of instruments

Summary reviews of the main features of each instrument, with overall rating and links to further information.

How to choose an instrument

Important features in selecting instruments for researching the effects of psychological interventions.

Online research tools

Links to tools and information for creating online surveys and research projects.

Links for finding research instruments

Links to the major sites on the web for finding more research instruments.

Recommended Tool:
"40 Developmental Assets"

Recommended Questionnaire:
"Life Effectiveness Questionnaire"

The Search Institute is known for its "40 developmental assets" of children and youth.  The assets are qualities typically possessed by resilient youth and have become key targets of many intervention programs in the USA and around the world.

The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire is a multi-dimensional tool which measures typical aims of personal growth programs.  Designed to be user-friendly, with downloadable questionnaires, data entry spreadsheets, etc., and can be customized to match aims of specific interventions.