If you have ever been in the position where you have had to clean a pub before then you will understand that coming prepared with the correct cleaning supplies is a necessity. There are lots of cleaning tasks that need to be done in a pub. However, if you want to get the best price on cleaning supplies for pubs then take a look at bar cleaning supplies.

All of your cleaning needs covered by us here at Kelly's Eye. When you have the right products for the job, any cleaning task is made light work. In order to make your life just that little bit easier you can now order all of you cleaning products from one supplier.

The following products are all you will need in order to get started.

Most pub landlords absolutely hate cleaning all of their glassware. There are a lot of stains which can be picked up from everyday usage. Many times it requires more than a few washes. If you decide to use our glass renovator powder it makes light work of all stains. Also you could grab a couple of linen glass cloths to produce the best shine.

You can make all of your fixtures and brass fittings look like new if you use brasso. Going To fundraising supplies seemingly provides cautions you might give to your mother. Just a small amount makes a huge difference. All of your brass fixtures will be looking like new.

If you run a pub kitchen then no doubt you will understand that it does not take long to get a greasy build up on your ovens. Our Kelly's Eye degreaser makes light work of cleaning away any grease build up. It doesn't not matter if you are cooking steaks or frying chips, the cleaner will remove grease marks and leave no fragrance.

The tedious job when running a pub is cleaning the beer lines. However, it is essential to do it correctly. Clean beer lines means that your customers will continue to enjoy beer tasting as it should. Sometimes, perhaps failed to clean their beer lines correctly. This leaves customers with beer tasting of chemicals. By using our special purple line cleaner you will be able to see when the chemicals are still in the lines. As a bonus, if you purchase a 5 L bottle of the purple line cleaner you will be given a free box of pub cleaning products to try.

Having a good selection of household gloves for cleaning is essential in any pub. Having a range of gloves in all shapes and sizes means that you and your staff can get to cleaning your pub with ease, as well as endearing to all the current health and safety measures. So, do it right and make sure it fits like a glove.

A pub is a place where people go to relax, have a drink and meet with friends. By having a clean home will make you feel more confident and content in your product. So, if you're running low on any of your clean supplies in contact with us and see how you can make your life easier with quality products.

When it comes to keeping your pub clean and tidy everyone has there own tips and tricks. Especially when it comes to mixing new cleaning solutions. Don't forget if you have new hints and tricks then share them them with us.

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