List of LEQ Factors


Factor Questionnaire
Self (Personal)
Accepting Challenge OEG1
Achievement Motivation LEQ-G,H,I
Active Initiative LEQ-H,I
Creative Self-Expression YARPET
Decision Making
Effective Goal-Setting
Effective Problem Solving
Emotional Control LEQ-G,H,I
Emotional Resilience OEG1
Goal Setting OEG1
Hardiness Resourcefulness LEQ-G
Healthy Risk-taking YARPET
Intellectual Flexibility LEQ-G,H,I
Initiative Taking ROPE, ROPELOC
Locus of Control LEQ-I, ROPELOC
Openness to Change
Outdoor Skills Competence YARPET
Organisational Self-Discipline LEQ-G
Positive Thinking
Psychological Resilience
Reflective Journaling YARPET
Self Confidence LEQ-H,I
Self Identity OEG1
Self Respect OEG1
Spirituality OEG1
Self Responsibility OEG1
Time Management LEQ-G,H,I
Others (Social)
Awareness of Others
Community Engagement YARPET
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution Skills YARPET, OEG1
Community Action OEG1
Cooperative Teamwork ROPE, ROPELOC
Cross-cultural Competency
Effective Leadership ROPE, ROPELOC
Group Problem Solving OEG1
Followership OEG1
Leadership Ability ROPE, ROPELOC
Leading a Group OEG1
Positive Relations at Work CPET
Productive Teamwork LEQ-G
Respect for Others OEG1
Responsibility towards Others OEG1
Respect Personal Boundaries YARPET
Social Competence LEQ-G,H,I
Task Leadership LEQ-G,H,I
Teamwork OEG1
Trust & Encouragement at Work CPET
Nature (Environment)
Active Environmental Awareness
Environmental Action OEG1
Environmental Appreciation OEG1
Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Understanding OEG1
Local Environmental Knowledge YARPET
Respect for Environment OEG1
Responsibility towards Environment OEG1
Outdoor Judgement
Outdoor Skills

By Questionnaire




CPET (Corporate)

YARPET (Youth at Risk)


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  • Creativity
  • Cross-cultural Adaptation
  • Effective Coping
  • Knowledge Management / Information Overload
  • Meaning Integration / Sense of Coherence
  • Self-actualization
  • Self-control
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