Ideas for possible life effectiveness projects

  1. Measuring change through retrospective pre-post tests vs. real-time pre-post tests (e.g., replicating Sibthorp et al., 2007)
  2. Life skills & life change
  3. OEG 'Learning Journey'.
  4. Gather data from people who have used the LEQ in intervention studies (e.g., outdoor education), create a combined database, and conduct analysis effects
  5. Develop and strengthen construct validity
    1. e.g., by administering the LEQ in conjunction with other relevant, valid measures
  6. Work directly with an organisation/program who have requested a research/evaluation involving the LEQ (or a closely related tool)
  7. OBA projects
    • 16-item LEQ-H dataset from school programs


Sibthorp, J., Paisley, K., Gookin, J., & Ward, P. (2007). Addressing response-shift bias: retrospective pretests in recreation research and evaluation. Journal of Leisure Research, 39, 295-315.

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