Psychometrics of the LEQ


  • The LEQ has been developed over a period of 15 years, tested on approximately 5000 individuals, and has undergone approximately seven major iterations, each involving the use of factor analysis or confirmatory factor analysis. As a result, several purported LEQ-G factors (e.g., Productive Teamwork and Hardiness Resourcefulness) have been eliminated or adjusted in order to build an instrument (LEQ-H with identifiable factors, with good internal consistency, and with a stable factorial structure for both males and females and for both adolescents and adults.
  • The LEQ has shown good predictive validity in that programs which aim to change particular factors have exhibited predictable effects using the LEQ [*ref].
  • Currently lacking is the demonstration of concurrent validity with other recognised measures of similar constructs.
  • If you wish to read more about the current psychometric development of the LEQ, then see Neill, Marsh, and Richards (2003).



Neill, J. T., Marsh, H. W., & Richards, G. E. (2003). The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire: Development and psychometrics. Sydney: University of Western Sydney.


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