What is life effectiveness?

  • A person's capacity to adapt, survive and thrive.
  • A theoretical concept which refers to the extent to which individuals demonstrate a range of generic life skill behaviors.
  • Domains of personal and social development commonly targeted by intervention programs.
  • Personal skills that are important factors in how effective a person will be in achieving his/her desires/wishes in life.
  • Generic, related skills for coping and thriving.
  • To get a broad sense of a person's life effectiveness, consider how well he/she is functioning at work/school, as well as in personal and social life. Underlying performance in these various aspects of life, are some core personal effectiveness skills which can be developed and learned.
  • Competence at generic, practical skills which are relevant to success a broad range of personal and professional situations.
  • Multi-dimensional, dynamic, generic life skill constructs that are theoretically and practically enhanceable.
  • Life effectiveness is closely related to notions of:
    • personal skills
    • life fitness
    • practical intelligence
    • personal competence
    • self-efficacy.
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