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Nature based play

Nature based play is vital to early childhood education.

Murrumbidgee River Winter Run - Pt1, June, 2007 - 4:44m - 30 MB

It had been raining for a few days, so it was time to explore the full-some Murrumbidgee River on foot.  Stretch, squish, squash, brrrrr, go for it.

Mt Tennent Snow Walk, June, 2007 - 2:22m - 11 MB

There was snow on Mt Tennent, so I did a late afternoon run to suck in Mother Nature's winter rapture.  Water, rivulets, sweat, rocks, trees, kangaroos, drink, wombat, dusk, sky, silence, ice, snow, descent, home, share, memories, edit, upload, reflect.

dj jimee's bad dream culture jam 2005 - 3:30m - 7 MB

Been having this dream for a while - a montage of black pacy humor on the incredulous idiocracy of militaristic pursuits by the US in the Middle East mixed with pop culture images & video footage, to euro-dance music and glimpses of parkour as real youth seeks to break free from the  politics pouring petrol onto the pyre of history, lighting the sky with armageddon & hope.

Outdoor Education & The New World

Outdoor Education & The New World (Montage) - 4m - 9 MB

This fast-paced montage-style video presents an inspiring yet disturbing series of outdoor education, people and nature images, intercut with cosmological,  evolutionary, historical, and environmental images, and quotes and graffiti.  In montage, there is potentially as much meaning in the transition between images as there might be in any single image.  Make of the suggested dilemmas and opportunities what you will...

Global Brain  - Peter Russell - 35m - Quicktime [60MB]

May the Farm be with You
Store Wars  - Free Range Studios - 6m - Flash

S-11 Redux - Stephen Marshall - 6m - Quicktime

Wilder Movies

Wilderdom Trailer 30s - .5MB
Wilderdom Trailer 60s - 1MB
River Journey  3m - 6MB
Culture Clash 2m - 1MB
Good & Evil 3m - 2MB


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