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==Presentations in development==
==[[Presentations]] in development==
* [[Technology and outdoor education]] (2009)
* [[Technology and outdoor education]] (2009)
* [[Technology and the outdoors:Some experiential possibilities]] (2007)
* [[Technology and the outdoors:Some experiential possibilities]] (2007)

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Welcome to the Wilderdom Wiki.



This wiki is in its very early stages. Gradually, much of the content from will be shifted into here. This wiki is also being used to develop new content.

Access & copyright

Unless otherwise indicated, material on this domain ( is open access and multi-licensed under:

  1. Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 and
  2. GFDL Version 1.3 (or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation) licensing

Basically, this means that the content is free to use (quote, copy, re-mix) provided that there is acknowledgement of author and source, with hyperlinks made directly to the original source.

Presentations in development

List of technical tasks

  1. Interwiki links
  2. Install Extension:Cite/Cite.php <ref></ref> extension
  3. Check optimal server environment settings with webhost
    1. Thumbnailing
  4. Expand permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg.

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