Neill 2010 Technology and outdoor education: Some experiential possibilities/Notes

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Possible topics

  1. Philosophical thoughts about technology and outdoor education
    1. Threat/problem or opportunity?
      1. Is OE a 'victim' of technology?
      2. Or is technology an 'opportunity' for OE?
    2. Tech & OE are uneasy bedfellows - There is an intimate & necessary tension
    3. Outdoor education relies on technology because OE exists as a cultural reaction to industralisation.
    4. Conventional outdoor education practices rely heavily on modern technology (e.g., transport, outdoor gear, mobile communication).
    5. Technology is NOT the antithesis of the outdoors (indoors is) - Tech is a vital component of OE
    6. What is technology?
      1. (Useful) cultural artifact
      2. Artificial aid, e.g., tool
      3. Capacity not inherited
      4. Hardware x software x intelligent operation -> Increased know-how
    7. High-low technology
      1. Low technology (evolutionary perspectives)
      2. Mid technology (normative OE technologies)
      3. High technology
  2. Examples
  3. Possibilities
    1. GPS
    2. Augmented reality
    3. Social media
    4. Free software / knowledge
  4. Practices
  5. Swapmeet / Issues
    1. Field communications
    2. Mobile phones / mobile coverage
    3. National Broadband NetworkC
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