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"If these people were on the skyline, and kept their eyes open, they would see the things that the giant could see."
- Benton MacKaye, 1921

The Vision of Benton MacKaye
(creator of the Appalachian Trail)


James Neill, 2003

Benton MacKaye had a Giant Vision

Mackaye saw 3 opportunities for the Appalachian mountain range...

MacKaye's Vision for the Appalachian Trail consisted of 4 parts...

Benefits MacKaye proposed the Trail would provide...

Did MacKaye's vision come true?

Trail building seems easier than Community Building...

Future Needs & Vision...

“My most memorable account of meeting with nature would have to be my thru-hike of Vermont’s long trail.  For 22 days I lived completely out of my backpack and what “provisions” I could put to use from my surroundings.  I became one with the trail in a way that Miles quotes Drengson of “mindful walking” (p. 54).”

-         Ed Barkowski, 17 Sept, 2002, diary

More Appalachian Trail Information & References

Original Article:

MacKaye, B. (1921).

An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning.

Journal of the American Institute of Architects, October.

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